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How Electronic Data Capture Improves Data Quality In Clinical Research Studies

For those who have yet to familiarize themselves with the concept of electronic data capture or EDC, it is a software that collects and stores any patient data gathered during clinical trials. Typically, this data would first be recorded on paper by filling up forms and other similar methods. The data is then transcribed into the system and saved for later.

More traditionally, paper records are kept instead of electronic ones. From a practicality standpoint, this makes sense as it enables people to access the files even without a computer or an internet connection. However, think about those records in terms of bulk. Of course, in time, it will pile up and theres only so much physical space in which these files can be stored in.

Clinical Data Solutions Should You Consider It?

This is the reason why more and more clinical trials are making the switch to using the EDC software when it comes to storing their records. It is more convenient and easily accessible especially since most offices already have computers and internet connection these days. Look at the video below for more details:

Contract research organizations (aka CROs), sponsors, and various related websites have all adopted the use of electronic data capture systems when it comes to the different phases of their research.

While there are plenty of different clinical trial management system vendors out there, even more organizations are simply building their own in-house ones which they are able to customize according to their needs. These systems can carry a varying number and type of features, but the general idea is that they help with streamlining data collection.

Clinical Data Management Benefits of EDC

- Ease of access when it comes to the data. Instead of having to rifle through countless folders and drawers filled with records, having an electronic data capture system can make the process much quicker. Not only will this save you a lot of time, it would also give you real-time access to the data. Any edits made to it could be applied within seconds and the entire system would reflect it.

There is a learning curve associated with the use of EDCs, but this isnt something that would take a person months to learn. In fact, a few hours of training should suffice when it comes to learning how to effectively make use of these eClinical solutions.

- Improved Security. Physical records can be easily pocketed and stolen. This is a fact. However, having your records encrypted in a computer or on a web-based interface where it can be protected by various security software makes it just a bit harder for a second party to get to.

Considering the often sensitive nature of the data collected in a clinical trial software, youll be guaranteed that these would be given multi-layered protection and then backed up in case the original gets corrupted or deleted.

This is one of the best things about encrypted files, you can make as many copies as you want and store them wherever you feel confident in. There are also filters when it comes to the different actions each user has. Levels of access can be set and you can designate permissions for every person who can open the files.

- Ease of Organization. Can you imagine yourself sorting through documents and folders physically? A few pages or even folders should be easy to handle, but what about hundreds? Thousands? Even the mere thought is daunting.

This isnt something you need to worry about if youre using EDC, however. It provides you with a user-friendly navigation system and search option which should enable you to find exactly what you need within seconds. Youll have everything right at your fingertips.

- Affordability. In terms of price, a typical EDC system can be yours for free or for a set amount. The pricing would vary according to the vendor youre getting it from and any features you might want to add to it.

The basic system is very affordable and would organize everything for you in a jiffy. However, most companies would require certain add-ons which are tailored to their needs.

For example: additional search filters, extra services from the vendor when it comes to maintenance or set-up, and other encryption needs. When purchasing a clinical trial management software, think of it as an investment.

This kind of software is something that youll need to use a significant amount of money for at first. In the long run, however, it would help you save more than the initial investment.

Is It Worth The Money?

Theres this old saying that says Time is Gold and for many businesses, this is true. Every minute wasted on something as mundane as finding records can cost someone hundreds of money. Why settle for something slow and old-fashioned when there is a faster, more convenient way of doing things?

Its only logical to make the switch. So, should you go for it? If you have the resources for it, even just a basic electronic data capture system is well worth the money. When you streamline the way you do things, its positive results will manifest in improvement and growth.


Gps Fact Or Fiction

GPS technology has come a very long way and can do some great things, much more than even 10 years ago. Like all things Hollywood has a way of creating some misconceptions about just what a GPS tracker can and cannot do. Lets have a look at some of the more common myths about GPS trackers and see how far Hollywood has stretched the truth.

GPS tracker can be hidden inside a stack of dollar bills. Fiction, at least at this time. Well kind of. Trackers can currently be made as small as a dime, but they need power and also 2 antennas to work. Battery technology is evolving at a rapid pace and will hopefully catch up with GPS trackers as far as footprint size. The 2 antenna needed by the tracker are used for the GPS and the cellular. The smaller the antenna the more likely the device will not accurately track its location. At this time the antenna cannot be made small enough to accurately track location, provide power, and fit inside a stack of bills.

In the movies a car tracking device can be seen moving across the map in real time, in real live the tracker jumps from point to point. Hollywood has enhanced this effect in order to make it more interesting to the viewer. In reality trackers usually update in 10 second intervals so that is why they appear to jump across the screen. The reason for this is that sending continuous location updates every second would quickly drain the devices power.

GPS trackers can be implanted under the skin. Complete fiction, well at least the way Hollywood shows it. For the same reason trackers cannot be inserted into a stack a bills they cannot be made small enough to be inserted under the skin. Now a tracker could be attached to a person, but with the current size of GPS trackers it would require a serious surgery and the tracker would probably not be able to keep a battery charge for very long. It will be quite a long time in the future before trackers the size of rice can be easily inserted under a persons skin.

How do implantable pet tracking chips work? Well they dont. The chips that are inserted into your cat or dog do not actually track their location or provide any sort of real time tracking. Those chips are actually RFID only have a range of a few feet. When the vet or shelter scans them it gives them information about the pets address and owners contact info. There are pet collars that are able to provide tracking data, but right now nothing that can actually be implanted in your pet.

What You Need To Know About The Swegway

If you have ever wanted something that you could use to get around the congested driving conditions or run a speedy errand, your wish may come true because of the Swegway Human Transporter.

Added a couple of years back to offer a green approach to transport people, the Segway has changed the way people consider transportation. Never again should they bound to the conventional fossil fuel vehicles with their harmful outflows. Presently people can utilize battery fueled transporters without any emanations, a low carbon foot shaped impression and no upkeep.

The innovation behind the Swegway Electric Skateboard empowers the "rider" to adjust utilizing whirligigs and sensors. This new innovation is called dynamic adjustment. Utilizing electric drive which is to a great degree productive and clean, the machine will move one to their destination.

With astounding mobility, a zero turning sweep and a little foot shaped impression, this better approach to get from here to there, gives an interesting riding knowledge. Footing control and braking is controlled through the introduced exact programming. The force source is a lithium Ion battery. The proficient utilization of vitality permits longer battery life than with past lithium batteries. An additional reward is the regenerative slowing mechanism which takes into account the batteries to revive while decelerating.

Riders say that it is as though the Segway Human Transporter can read one's psyche. Knowing where to go and when to turn is practically instinctive. This is the consequence of the stunning blend of drive, vitality, inertial detecting and an instinctive interface. The machine is additionally outfitted with excess frameworks which permit one to control speeding up, braking, directing and different capacities rather than the standard mechanical controls. All the data one requires about framework operation including rate, battery life, and other availability data are all sent over a remote association with a handheld gadget on the dash.

With all the diverse models of Swegways accessible one is certain they will discover one only for them. Numerous embellishments are accessible to modify one's unit. From saddlebags to hardsided totes, the Segway can deal with up to ten pounds of basic needs or one's attaché, note pads and workout clothes. Models are accessible for the worker, for the open air lover and for the lady of the house who needs to utilize the machine to run errands.There are tough units made particularly for bicycle ways, shorelines and parks. Envision hurrying around the walkers as one moves along on their Swegway!

So in the event that one is searching for a substitute approach to get around that automobile overload or have a ton of fun running errands or need an extraordinary rough terrain riding knowledge, then they have to look at the Swegway Human Transporter. Green, fun, exceptional and practical.