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How Electronic Data Capture Improves Data Quality In Clinical Research Studies

For those who have yet to familiarize themselves with the concept of electronic data capture or EDC, it is a software that collects and stores any patient data gathered during clinical trials. Typically, this data would first be recorded on paper by filling up forms and other similar methods. The data is then transcribed into the system and saved for later.

More traditionally, paper records are kept instead of electronic ones. From a practicality standpoint, this makes sense as it enables people to access the files even without a computer or an internet connection. However, think about those records in terms of bulk. Of course, in time, it will pile up and theres only so much physical space in which these files can be stored in.

Clinical Data Solutions Should You Consider It?

This is the reason why more and more clinical trials are making the switch to using the EDC software when it comes to storing their records. It is more convenient and easily accessible especially since most offices already have computers and internet connection these days. Look at the video below for more details:

Contract research organizations (aka CROs), sponsors, and various related websites have all adopted the use of electronic data capture systems when it comes to the different phases of their research.

While there are plenty of different clinical trial management system vendors out there, even more organizations are simply building their own in-house ones which they are able to customize according to their needs. These systems can carry a varying number and type of features, but the general idea is that they help with streamlining data collection.

Clinical Data Management Benefits of EDC

- Ease of access when it comes to the data. Instead of having to rifle through countless folders and drawers filled with records, having an electronic data capture system can make the process much quicker. Not only will this save you a lot of time, it would also give you real-time access to the data. Any edits made to it could be applied within seconds and the entire system would reflect it.

There is a learning curve associated with the use of EDCs, but this isnt something that would take a person months to learn. In fact, a few hours of training should suffice when it comes to learning how to effectively make use of these eClinical solutions.

- Improved Security. Physical records can be easily pocketed and stolen. This is a fact. However, having your records encrypted in a computer or on a web-based interface where it can be protected by various security software makes it just a bit harder for a second party to get to.

Considering the often sensitive nature of the data collected in a clinical trial software, youll be guaranteed that these would be given multi-layered protection and then backed up in case the original gets corrupted or deleted.

This is one of the best things about encrypted files, you can make as many copies as you want and store them wherever you feel confident in. There are also filters when it comes to the different actions each user has. Levels of access can be set and you can designate permissions for every person who can open the files.

- Ease of Organization. Can you imagine yourself sorting through documents and folders physically? A few pages or even folders should be easy to handle, but what about hundreds? Thousands? Even the mere thought is daunting.

This isnt something you need to worry about if youre using EDC, however. It provides you with a user-friendly navigation system and search option which should enable you to find exactly what you need within seconds. Youll have everything right at your fingertips.

- Affordability. In terms of price, a typical EDC system can be yours for free or for a set amount. The pricing would vary according to the vendor youre getting it from and any features you might want to add to it.

The basic system is very affordable and would organize everything for you in a jiffy. However, most companies would require certain add-ons which are tailored to their needs.

For example: additional search filters, extra services from the vendor when it comes to maintenance or set-up, and other encryption needs. When purchasing a clinical trial management software, think of it as an investment.

This kind of software is something that youll need to use a significant amount of money for at first. In the long run, however, it would help you save more than the initial investment.

Is It Worth The Money?

Theres this old saying that says Time is Gold and for many businesses, this is true. Every minute wasted on something as mundane as finding records can cost someone hundreds of money. Why settle for something slow and old-fashioned when there is a faster, more convenient way of doing things?

Its only logical to make the switch. So, should you go for it? If you have the resources for it, even just a basic electronic data capture system is well worth the money. When you streamline the way you do things, its positive results will manifest in improvement and growth.


Progressive Technology Advances For Selling Duct Components Direct

Online Shopping In Australia

What's so significant about establishing an online shopping cart for marketing ductwork items on the internet? Any individual who works with ducting components will certainly tell you, it's actually rather challenging, since there is an astonishing array of duct parts dimensions, and also every single one has its own unique price.

Normal dimension variables consist of particular angles, diameters and also lengths and all these variables signifies that conventional on-line shopping carts aren't able to tackle the sheer quantity of variables, without resorting to itemizing the exact same item again and again, with the only variation being the length, which leads to working with the online store into something that is frustrating and inconvenient for anyone searching through the list of products.

Right here is an example in practice:

Let's say you wanted to acquire some straight, standard galvanised duct, which is a reasonably straight forward item, but the selection of length as well as diameter permutations is fairly significant. First of all there is the duct length. Common galvanised ducting comes in 3 conventional sizes:

0.5 of a meter + 1 meter + 2 meters.

Next we need to think about the large variety of diameters the product can be found in, in this instance we'll show the most typical diameters, which are as follows below:

80mm + 100mm + 125mm + 140mm + 150mm + 160mm + 180mm + 200mm + 225mm + 250mm + 275mm + 300mm + 350 mm + 400mm

As you can see, this means we have 3 different lengths and 14 various diameters, so to put together an online store just for straight galvanized duct, it would involve 42 individual catalogue items. And that's just for straight galvanised ductwork. There's a myriad of other items people using galvanised duct might also need, for example; lobsterback bends, branch pieces, telescopic ductwork, ducting that has a door opening, rings, gaskets, gates, valves, sweeps ... you get the picture, and every single one of these also has an array of diameters, lengths and even sometimes even more variables!

You may find yourself wondering about existing shopping carts in the marketplace that already accommodate products with variables like clothing or shoes for example often has a variable of both sizes and colors and yes that's true, however when you change the colour or size of an item of clothing the price doesn't change with it, and that's what's different about ducting product lines, every variation in size corresponds to a different price and that's the complexity that normal shopping carts don't manage very well.

Are you able to picture being a customer attempting to browse an online store to identify and also get the ductwork parts that you will need to produce an entire ductwork installation? Just how unfriendly and also complex would it be to maneuver countless separate ducting pieces, all with ranging diameters as well as lengths?

This complicated bundle of variables has made web based transactions for ducting units wearisome and time consuming! Yet not any longer! Because ADS have recently addressed this riddle by developing a custom made online store where a customer need only pay a visit to one particular component web page to select any type of variable for that unit from a drop down menu, and also have the sales prices for any kind of mix of variables update real-time in the page on the e-commerce shopping cart.

This makes online searching and also shopping a breeze, as now you are able to simplyorder several diameters and lengths from the one webpage! You can also download total specifications from the shopping cart as a pdf from the very same page.

So if youan operator in a firm which needs to purchase duct parts, I invite you to consider the benefits of using Advanced Duct Systems (ADS) to order your products online. Orders go right to their pick and pack centers and you get an order confirmation sent via e-mail. Gone are the days of faxing or phoning your orders through as well as the possibility of "you ordered one thing they heard another" bungles in orders is likewise overcome.

Advanced Duct Systems distributes standard galvanised duct, pneumatic tubing, powder coated ductwork, pneumatic conveying ducting systems, stainless-steel ductwork and flexible ductwork online, from the world's simplest to utilize online cart for acquiring ductwork. Check it out next time you need to buy duct pieces. And don't forget, trade and wholesale customers are able to access discount pricing through being given an unique pass-code that offers them with wholesaler pricing.

Why You Should Work With Ecommerce Web Designers

If you are thinking about creating an online store, you will want to find an experienced ecommerce web designer who will be able to provide you with an excellent shop window for your enterprise. The right designer can take an ordinary site and turn it into something special. Some people are reluctant to hire a designer for their site. However, working with professionals has a lot of advantages. Here are the few benefits that web designers can offer you:

1. They Can Make Your Site Look Professional

When you are creating an online store, a professional appearance is key. A professionally designed site makes you look more bona fide, consumers need to be able to trust the businesses they buy from, so trust is in important aspect of ecommerce website design. Using the skills of a professional designer means that your site will look like a legitimate business and not a hobby site. This could mean that you will attract more sales from your target audience.

2. They Can Boost Your Sales

Designers that specialize in ecommerce know how provide a site that is successful in selling. They will be able to use all their skills to provide you with a high converting site.

If your sales aren't as high as you'd like them to be, or if you're just starting out, then you should be working with skilled designers from the very start. They can increase your profits significantly. With the right designers, your site will turn into a strong source of revenue because you will have the right tools for the job. Your ecommerce site will be quick to load, it will be viewable on multiple platforms and devices so that you don't miss out on a significant portion of market share.

3. They Can Improve Your SEO

One of the best ways to market your site is through search engines. If people are searching for something specific, there's a very good chance that they will buy it when they finally find it. Experienced ecommerce web designers know all sorts of SEO tricks and they can put keywords in your metadata and build a site that will be easy for search engines to crawl. You'll be able to get targeted traffic from search engines every single day.

SEO is an incredibly powerful tool, but it does need to be used properly and carefully. This is a whole other area so we won't go into any detail here, but if your site is set up in the right way, SEO can be implemented when you are ready.

4. They Can Help You Avoid Major Headaches

If something goes wrong on your site, it can be a nightmare to fix and even a little problem can turn into a big deal. If a part of your site isn't working, then your customers may not be able to purchase anything at all! A professional designer knows what they're doing, and they can help you to avoid a lot of the mishaps that other sites have to deal with. Your site will run perfectly day in and day out.

As you can see, there are strong advantages to working with a team of professional designers. If you're not happy with the current state of your site, contact ecommerce web designers as soon as you can. They should be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with some price quotes.