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Wordpress Security - The Basics That You Need To Know

If you decide to build your next website yourself then one of the first tasks is to look around for a decent Content Management System (CMS).

Do you go for any of the new ones just released or do you stick with the tried and tested? There are many to select from but one that has stood the test of time very well and still remains the most popular is WordPress. Why is WordPress the CMS of choice for so many people of different skills and website design experience ?

Its Flexible WordPresss flexibility allows it to be used for a wide variety of types of web site. Developers find they can customize whatever they need to and get the look that will meet their or their clients needs perfectly.

Its Just So Easy To Use The first things that strikes you about WordPress is the layout of everything. The side menu covers everything that you need and its all so easy to find. The excellent and extensive array of plugins means that you can really adapt your WordPress site to cover almost any requirement without needing any coding or development skills. So whether you have years of website development experience under your belt or you need to employ advanced web design techniques, WordPress is a great choice to make.

Security Dont Take It For Granted Site security is a big consideration. You have to protect both any private or sensitive data on your site as well as protect the content on the site from any malicious manipulation. Whatever you use your site for, hackers can grab user information and set up malicious software which can literally destroy your business overnight.

How Easy Is It To Get Into Your Site? Using a combination of user name and password for the site that is hard to guess and random in nature is the right place to start. Never use the "admin" user name but make up one that is as random as possible and long enough to be harder to work out. Passwords, must consist of random symbols, lower and upper case letters as well as numbers. Again the longer the better as it just makes it harder for anyone trying to hack to work out.

Your WordPress Framework Must Be Kept Up To Date WordPress is open-source soft-ware that is always updated on a regular basis. With a few changes to your settings WordPress will update everything for you without you having to lift a finger. Nearly every update will cover security issues that have been recently found as well as some general improvements on the features of the blogging platform. So keeping up to date is an essential factor in improving site security.

WordPress plugins are also an area that can be attacked by hackers, so make sure you keep these up to date too.

In case you think that site security is a task you dont want to look after yourself, there are many security professionals out there who can take care of this for you. Asking them for their help and advice could be a sensible precaution to take. All the SEO techniques in the world will not be able to help you if your site security is breached and everyone gets to know about it.


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