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What To Look For In A Waterproof Phone

Waterproof phones come under the category of Tough Phones: a new and growing market that is meeting the need for more durable smartphones to meet the needs of those with less sedentary lifestyles. These phones are suitable for people doing physical jobs and having active leisure pursuits. Phones for these people tend to get a far harder time, consistently being exposed to harsh conditions involving dust, water and shocks.

Whereas not that long ago the only option for someone needing a truly Waterproof Phone was to purchase a secondary waterproof casing that made the phone impossible to use, this is no longer the case. A whole range of phones now exist that cater to the waterproof market. These phones are not only suitable for those whose hobbies include such things as sailing, hiking, swimming, mountain climbing and water sports - but also for those who work in outdoor environments such as construction workers, farmers, gardeners, window cleaners, surveyors, painters or fencers.

With an average phone contract being 24 months, you want to make sure your handset stands the test of time. Therefore, if water or moisture is a risk, how do you insure against this?

Firstly, you need to look at the specialist market: online mobile phone stores who exclusively focus on Tough Phones. They will stock a full range of Waterproof Phones that are up to the job. They will also display the relevant information that you are looking for. You can opt for different levels of protection from water ranging from water resistant (capable of the odd splash that is quickly wiped off) to fully waterproof (capable of being submerged up to a depth of 1.5 metres for 30 minutes). The degree to which the phone is considered waterproof is displayed in the IP (Ingress Protection) Rating. The second figure of the rating is important here: the higher the second number (up to 8), the greater the waterproof-ness of the phone.

Once you have established where to research phones you then also need to consider what you personally need from the phone in addition to its water-proofing. Do you need to be able to use the phone whilst wearing gloves? Do you need to have inbuilt GPS? Are you keen for your waterproof phone to have exceptional photographic and filming quality? Do you need an extra loud ring facility? Do you need your phone to withstand bumps and shocks is it likely to get knocked or dropped? You then are able to combine these requirements with the waterproofing.

Then…look at the reviews: Most Tough Phone sellers who are worth their salt will have a good feedback and review function so that you can see what other people like you think of the phone youre thinking of purchasing. Given that your phone is largely responsible for a huge amount of tasks, both work- and pleasure-based, as well as emergency, it makes sense to get the best-reviewed phone you can for your money. It is worth a small amount of additional investment at the start to prevent losing out through costly repairs or replacements further down the line when youre still tied in to a particular contract.

Finally, ensure you buy your Waterproof Phone from an online seller who not only specialises in Tough and Rugged Phones, but who has access to contracts across providers. Few companies are truly able to offer this and as such you may find yourself restricted on which provider you can choose to go with the handset of your choice. Choose the right online seller and youll have access to the full range of major network providers.


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