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Many Times The Fourflexx Tablet Holder Has Kept My Ipad Safe From Falls

My iPad is expensive and just as I do with all of my electronics; I would like it to last as long as possible. I do love my gadgets and at anytime, even when I am in the john, I will have my smartphone or tablet in hand. I do have many uses for it too. For example, I use my iPad to watch movies and to make presentations. Extra care has to be taken when handling it to ensure its durability. For this reason, I use the FourFlexx tablet holder to keep my iPad safe from falls.

Many times when I am cooking, I like following the recipes stored in my iPad. The FourFlexx tablet holder has always prevented my iPad from falling. For example, I might place my iPad at the edge of the kitchen table where it can easily fall but when it is hoisted on the holder, falling is prevented.

I also use my pad to watch movies with my family. Children are playful so my iPad is safer on its holder than when it is in my hands. I can play with them and at the same time watch movies.

The FourFlexx iPad floor stand is also rotatable in all directions, thus reducing the number of times I touch my iPad and the probability of it falling. The ball points in the stand make the rotation possible.

I was amazed to find that the tablet stand is fully adjustable to heights ranging from six to over thirty inches. I adjust the holder to a position where my eyes are comfortable to watch without straining. The flexibility, the design and the assurance that my devices are safe has made me a habitual user of this holder.

Holding my iPad and smartphone in my palms at the same time is a risk. Each one of them is safe if held one at a time. The FourFlexx stand comes with a phone holder, where I turn one of its gooseneck legs into a phone holder, ensuring my electronics are safe from falls.

The portability of the holder makes it possible for me to move around with it to wherever I want. This takes care of falls.

The holder is also stable; I never worry about breaking my iPad. The four legs are spread out and they provide a wide base that lowers the centre of gravity, which ensures firmness.

Making presentations for long periods is tiring. I have to use the tablet holder lest I drop my iPad.

My iPad is expensive and I can never risk breaking it, which is why I use the FourFlexx iPad holder. It looks like a popular stand too since it hits the shelves today and tomorrow, it is out of stock.


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