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Enjoy The Height Of Innovation With Apple Watch And Iphone Stand From Lxory

Apple watch and iPhone stand is a device that is designed with a lot of creativity at heart. The manufacturer took time to evaluate the challenges that come with charging iPhone and the Apple watch. That said, this stand was invented with an aim to foster usersâ comfort.

First of all, this stand is made of sturdy, durable anodized aluminum plates, which make it very stable. It is able to hold any model of iPhone or watch as it is compatible with models from other manufacturers. It is the best stand for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 plus. Therefore, you do not need to have separate stands if you have a range of devices.
The XStand accommodates any size of battery case. The designers put in mind the fact that iPhone models differ in terms of the battery case. This is an add-on to the compatibility features of this stand.

The stand holds the iPhone in an upright position, which means you, can even watch your favorite movies from your bed or sofa using your iPhone without holding it in your hands. This saves you from fatigue and dropping your gadget accidentally.

The bottom of this stand is silicone padded a characteristic that allows you to place your wireless QI charger or power bank behind your iPhone and connect its cable through the notch at the top. When it comes to your watch, the stand holds the charger well in the rubber padded top hole and makes it fit sturdy on it. Something interesting is that the stand can hold any watch model ranging from 38mm, 44mm, basic sport, any wrist band type whether closed or open loop to any other regular watch.

The rubber bumper pads that come with this stand are placed at the top of it so that both your iPhone and watch do not slip or scratch. The circular rubber padded cutout holds your watch charger in place and also serves as an outlet for the charger cable.
The whole process of setting up the Apple watch and iPhone stand is so easy that anyone can do it. No special skills are needed. You simply place the phone holder into the slit in the aluminum front plate of the stand, and there you go! Assembling is very easy, as is disassembling. This stand collapses into a small unit and you can move around with it wherever you go.

The cable management system is effective as it ensures the cables do not cross over each other in such a way that makes the charging station look unattractive. Such a mess can give you a hard time identifying which cable goes where especially if you are in a hurry.
This device comes with a full 30-day 100% refund guarantee.

What are the merits of the Apple watch and iPhone stand?

+ The design is elegant including the colors (black and orange)

+ Simple and easy to use

+ Highly stable

+ Its universality (compatibility with other models)

+ The material used to make it is solid and durable

+ Easy assembling procedure

Customers are generally happy with Apple watch and iPhone stand from LXORY. They appreciate the fact that the stand has aesthetic value, it is lightweight and it makes accessing their watches and iPhone at the same time easier.


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